(For all those who feel like they're stagnating)

Hear ye, Hear Ye my woke neoliberal during-structural anarcho-capitalist commies! Your zine saviour has come in the form of a purchased pamphlet- but no need to thank us for that part of your marginalisation we facilitate.


All attempts at “humour"aside, here's the self-indulgent bit where you are made to read through the ideological premise of this limping, pained project's existance. We are a youth-organized and authored independent fanzine, with both an online and in-print presence. Death of print strives to bring you the best of new music and teenage spirit alongside our archaeological attempts to uncover subculture's early dilettantes and lift time's unfortunate veil of obscurity from around their work. We aim to do so while remaining present and topical with a progressive attitude towards postmodern subculture and world happenings. We're committed to energizing other young people via the subversive art that has so enriched our lives, and providing them the same purpose which brings us such joy. We set out with the idea that our zine could be a platform to amplify the voices of young people, marginalized communities and unconventional or underrepresented artists of all denominations. Within that goal exists the other of our twin ideological pursuits- the establishment of leftist community centred upon revolutionary ideals. Granted, terms such as “Leftist” “Anarchist” “Progressive” and “Subculture” have become so hopelessly distorted and recuperated as the prime indicators of virtue signaling that they’ve all but lost their attached meanings- but there is no winning in that regard only adjustment to match distortion. We hold no pretensions of being able to exist outside of such linguistic or societaL parameters, or of fundamentally changing them on our own, only of better adjusting to life within them with the help of such opiates as irony and the self referential commodity, whilst forever inching closer to the personally unattainable goal of shedding those systems of subjugation- Aspiring to make any sort of small contribution, however infinitesimal, to the social revolution which must ultimately be a collective effort. However idealistic we may be- we can only speak to readers and partake in the misplaced emulation of fallen idols- that hope in the form of naivete is the power of youth, and we must wield it. Our desire is to propogate our message within this small circle and promote those artists who lessen the pain through tolerable short term escapism in the name of spiritual survival, or those who make us more cognisant of it in a way more poignant than our teenage typing. The global right wing regression and resurgence of pseudo-populism the world is experiencing should be a call to action for all of us- and the fundamental misappropriation of original subcultural ideals that has been ushered in alongside it is the cyclecar commodification of culture we must try to renew via our own reclamation and destruction to attain that brief moment in the sun of radical breakthrough- hoping each cycle of commodification of the anticapitalist serves to inform to an extent which ensures the process is eventually disassembled. In reclaiming what brings us joy in a bricolage we must do our best to cut out the worst impositions, we must help to dispel the most reprehensible and noxious aspects of the increasingly amorphous label of “subculture” as we know it. It's immensely disturbing to see how often the idea that "punk is about free speech" gets thrown around in a context where folks simply want to say something bigoted free from justified retribution. We exist as a force to oppose such regressive trends. We wish to hold others and ourselves accountable and use our power of free speech to counteract the damage done by the malignant forces that seek to use punk's powerful ethos of personal freedom to carry out the propagation of dangerous, repressive ideologies free from consequence. Although the world is in a dire state at the moment, we are of the strong persuasion that no self respecting and decent person with the political privilege to speak should fail to use the tools at their disposal. Systems which favour the wealthy logically  have a tendency to create distracted citizens wrapped up in their own lives due to the necessity of keeping themselves above water, a conscious contributor to the disenfranchisement of working people. Us having been born into the privilege necessary to establish and expend time upon this project, we do our best to utilize what voice we have to empower others and to be a platform for authentic voice artists, expressing the authentic voices we have on staff and recounting experiences of marginalization, all the while committing not to dominate the narratives of marginalized groups within this publication's work or advancing notions of saviourism towards communities which have always been the backbone of subculture and yet have never received adequate acknowledgement for their contributions. As a zine dedicated to leftist schools of thought, we wish to play our small part to the best of our abilities to rid the world of the evils of discrimination and capitalism through intersectional activism and human empathy in opposition to all unjust heirarchies. We believe in aiding in the self actualization and right to liberty of every individual and deradicalizing those who have fallen into the trap of bigotry. We can make no ideological compromises with capitalism and facism- and must oppose the appealing ease of neoliberal capitalism that calls to so many in wealthy nations. But, when someone reaches out in a misguided attempt to educate us in the ways of man’s “inherently greedy nature” or, far worse, negate the humanity of an entire group or ethnicity- you can take advantage of that contact to state your claim and appeal to emotion. If we were to allow such behaviours to run unchecked said hate will fester and grow stronger within right-wing echo chambers. Discriminatory mindsets are dauntingly difficult to deprogram, but it is simply nihilistic to believe that there is nothing to be done and that we should just let those vile belief systems be passed down from one generation to the next. Not withstanding harassment is entirely justified, and no one should have to do so- if you are shoved aside it is reasonable to cut your losses. Above all, we must never prioritize the slow and immensely difficult deradicalisation of the alt right believers who've appropriated subculture above the acceptance of those they seek to dehumanize, and ensuring that we fight for change first before attempting to emotionally appeal to bigots is enormously important. Though for those born with white, gender, cis, ability, class or heterosexual privilege, they can combat those disgusting narratives when such folks harass them by interacting with those hateful people who've conned themselves into believing their only allies are individuals who have the aforementioned privileges. Even if there is little hope- if one in a thousand did it'd be a successful endeavour- and the ostracisation of those people is a large contributing factor to the entrenchment of both neoliberalism and facism by allowing those individuals often on the fringes of society, primed for radicalisation, to be radicalized by hate groups as opposed to being steeped in ideologies which seek to combat the systems which allowed them to be on the outs initially- and subsequently allowing neoliberal politicians to generalise and disavow that bigotry without taking accountability for the institutions they enforce which enable it to breed, shifting the blame and perpetuating the illusory dichotomy of partisan politics. Combatting hateful narratives with facts and logic is not effective towards those trained to rebuke any leftist belief system. They have found community within the conditional acceptance of the hateful community, and they must know that that the systemic injustices they feel so disenfranchised by do exist, but rather that they are deeply rooted systems of discrimination on the basis of class, race, gender, ability and sexuality intentionally designed to subjugate working people, not systems monopolized by minorities which they have been trained to use as their scapegoats by way of ludicrous conspiracy theory and blinding ignorance. There is a distinction which must be made between the acceptance of disgusting viewpoints and a willingness to inform bigots on the condition of respect in order to improve the current global state of affairs- we will never accept those views, and tolerating intolerance and racism allows it to thrive. It is by no means a logical fallacy to be intolerant in that regard, and every person should be. We must all see to it that we are not helpless bystanders as global seats of power are destabilized and disturbing political trends continue to play out on the world stage. As an organization we'd like to harness the power of gen z to counteract them. We, as a generation appear to be quite politically literate and socially conscious in the general sense, with some of the most discenably leftist postmodernist, social anarchist, situationist and marxist beliefs to be held generationally since the sixties, having been raised in an era of political unrest and capitalist crisis- and we are of the belief that there are more young people brimming with a desire to subvert than ever before. More young anger directed towards the establishment, straight from the mouths of youth disenfranchised by the state and system with an endless supply of bright ideas. And yet, in a world functioning under late capitalism the cultural pedestal upon which the promising nature of youth culture used to be placed has all but vanished- save for recuperatory attempts to reclaim radical imagery so it may be sanded down to little more than a floating signifier which can be associated with some amorphous definition of "cool," and reused to be sold. We consequently find ourselves struggling to organize coherent subcultural movements, as culture is appropriately decentralized due to the deterritorialization of ideas to prepare them for commodification. In a world where we are so fixated on the most recently recycled stylistic trends, formulation of new aesthetics always feels derivative. The truth is that all things are, and the only way to produce ingenuity is to be derivative in the right sort of way, with your own unique collage of the "done before." Now that punk and radical, anti establishment youth culture has been "done before" within the past hundred or so years that the cultural conception of the teenager has existed, capitalism has recuperated it with the goal of serving its own agenda. The genuine ideological passion which has fuelled such movements, that still persists in incredibly large quantities to this day, has been relegated to the sidelines more so than when there were widely acknowledged spaces set aside, however small, to prompt the development of new subcultures and aesthetics every few years within the ever churning cycle of culture. In fact, we believe that part of why today's subcultural communities exist largely online and in basement show crevices which seem to dwindle year by year is because of its vast and amorphous nature, and the fact that those ideological passions of generation z are perhaps more nuanced and unwilling to conform to a certain set of desirable aesthetics and boundaries. This is a positive and extremely important drive, and may lead us to a newer state of subculture which is much harder to pervert and confine, which would ultimately be for the best- but the need for outreach and cultural prominence still persists. The internet age has gifted subculture with a variety of changes, such as the fact that culture is now better equipped to transcend class boundaries, our increased cultural education and awareness, and the development of online scenes and research resources- but the conventional landscape of independent publishing has changed, and subculture has been slow to catch up. We can ensure that this new wave of interest in youth cultures improves its modern incarnations by examining past discriminatory wrongs and formatting our zine to fit the world within its current state. We hope the ever present trend which has taken subculture from a place of reverence (At least amongst those with an open mind) to a place in which the wonderful and talented artists producing today who cite subculture as a direct influence are garnering less attention than in decades has reached its endpoint. We hope the current wave of subcultural resurgence the world seems to be riding persists, and that we may take advantage of it to further spread our ideals via this publication. It would seem to us that youth culture has reached a tipping point.We are so completely oversaturated with vapid culture and boredom that the measures put in place to prevent the fomentation of cultural  revolution are being ground down. What Death of Print strives to do is broaden the scope of subculture's influence in the modern world by way of the channels we now have at our disposal, and to spread our message so we may achieve the goal of incentivizing a higher rate of teenage participation in anti hierarchical communities. We'd like to establish our own discernible youth movements by looking towards the subversive artists of the past whilst simultaneously keeping ourselves forward thinking as we work for subculture to be accessible to all, and for it to be an environment which is welcoming to a more diverse and globally inclusive array of people. Additionally, we strongly believe in providing a space for older devotees to engross themselves in the subcultures which informed their youth once again, and in learning from the mistakes and successes of the past by valuing their insights and the continued participation of those who lived to witness the culmination of impressive historical scenes. Subculture should be accessible to everyone who has internalized its ideals- and that is a view we will always continue to espouse. New initiates should be provided an environment in which they can learn about and consume subcultural media for the joy of it, stress-free and without any pretensions of fulfilling an ideal of what "punk" "goth" or any other sort of label is supposedly intended to be- and nor should their level of knowledge regarding such cultures be perceived as indicative of their commitment to them or worthiness to participate within them. Such behaviour presents an abrasive front to those whom we should be welcoming with open arms if we want to increase the prevalence of the subcultural ethos amongst generation z. We run on a collectivistic volunteer basis, with each contributor being equally valued. At heart we believe anti-establishment ideals to be a remarkably powerful force. When young people are endowed with the freedom to be completely and truly themselves the greater world benefits from a rich and honest culture of individuals who've found the inner-strength to break out of the uniform boxes people are streamlined and educated to best fit within. Ultimately, self-assurance is the only viable strategy to achieve proximity to authenticity to self and reconcile some of the fractured identities capitalism promotes the development of only to discard with the next trend, infinitely inching closer to the personally unattainable in the hopes of one day attaining it hand in hand with the world- always improving upon our painful proxy, but simultaneously warring against ideological complacency which suggests that that fight is anything but an immensely painful screeching attempt to claw back the individual identity- or worse, that one can be both fully cognisant of, and truly satisfied in their sense of self under late capitalism. However, self actualization within our realm of possibility does not come easily by any means and nor can it be attained without the support of an unconventional community which coaxes our vulnerable, fleshy selves into the daylight. We aim to be such a community, and an environment which preaches responsible individual freedom grounded in mutual respect and a nuanced worldview.


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Ornament & Verbrechen photographed by Dieter Wuschanski , background artwork created by Guy Debord and Asger Jorn, fanzine cover from the publication "Insane Whorehouse." Judy Blame and Scarlett Cannon are above, Debbie Juvenile and Christiane F. below. 
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