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Builder’s lunulas are dank from internal rot-

The hand‘s nail, extension of primate progress

falls stagnant in the department of cartilage production-

his formerly bright city arteries 

Such transcontinental highways 

Suspended in sacs of thin-wristed pallor 

Aroused and pleasured only by 

Sharp heel clicks of men clad in dress shoes

Tangentially crossing themselves 

Only to intersect in another appendage,

To meet each other in the angles of their stoic grimaces.

They are the next Wavelengths on the enduring grid of Living architecture-

To be the imprinted patterns upon the face

Of societal sediment deposits in our solvent seas 

The protrusions of cranes 

And of waxing and waning earth

Geological forces like rising and falling chest

Man enters the conscious 

Misty in the morning with salivating dew

Rising like concrete from a foundation 

Marbled and pockmarked from harsh salts 

Learning to mould oneself anew 

Men with blueprint brainchild 

Trampling over Athena with muddy boots

Meanwhile I assist in birthing new nations 

By asserting the names of their confederation

Grouping those maps, 

The grids and blocks of habitation 

Layering the laws one a top the other

I am unwitting accomplice 

Covering the robbery of our nurturing gift 

in citizenship of the new shelter


Is but soured chewing gum 

Stuck to the souls of such gods 

Who smite us for bodies and ideas of their own creation

While doing a warped egg laying of their own

In delivering the stable, uncompromising, 

Linguistic framework

Of yet structurally unjust steel beams

That we maintain through our old age

And employ to stabilize our lives to a dizzying degree

Abiding day by day

in such orderly wet dreams

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