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Frosted glass lockers in the sky

Multiplying monetized life boxes

For one bedroom families 

Who shouldn’t need proper balconies 

Shadow operated by investment holders, 

the brokers of an awkward,

Pubescent city

Invisible placements for Potential occupants 

Attractive couples loom Erie 

Advertised in sleek schemes

Featuring gardens backed by the gardner 

High class names for cold shards

The erect icy towers


They make up the frigid core

Of a dreamy city

Dead with sprawl 

Surrounded with frontier suburban malls

Lifted in poor attempts

To reach the heaven

We deem them deserving of


A metropolitan zoo

Our glory presented in a trinity

Of cocksure human vanity

Trashed lands and spindly limbs

Spreading in steel and concrete

Anemic architectural youth 

bound by a developer man

Anorexic condo junkies

Veins tapped by cranes 

Wan due to sleet and building plans 

The points of spiritual enlightenment 

Father son and Holy Spirit


Visible In stable triangles of engineering miracles 


A memorialization

For Architects and our grandeur 

Entombed, enshrined

In the prides of our nation

Reflected in tinted glass, in marble foyers 

And refracted into a city heart

Travelling to the external arteries

Still perturbed by the Don Valley parkway


The renovated city mind 

The winter hits 

My city smarts 

Wide window panes form the lenses

Of the city point of view


Young memories achieved 

Through the high rise temples they plan 

For the growing population 

So they may mire themselves 

In great mirrors of human achievement 

The living graves of structural skeletons 

Inside which die the pains of bereavement 

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