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We implore you to send us anything you've created which you feel deserves an audience- We massively appreciate all of our incredible volunteer contributions. In the spirit of anti elitism we strive to provide a non-judgmental platform for artists who want to share their work through the time honored medium of the fanzine. The only requirements are a passion for radical artwork and anti heirarcahal  ideals. All of your kind submissions are equally cherished and prized, and impeccable writing skills are not required. Regrettably, English is the most readily accessible language for our printing purposes, however we hope to be more accommodating in the future with regards to being a globally inclusive publication when we have the structures in place to do so. For the time being, if English is not your strong suit or you are insecure in English as a second language, we believe in the equal value your artistic voice, and are able to offer editing services if you so desire, as well as translation to English from French or German. If you are a fluent speaker of any language aside from English and feel inclined to volunteer your time to help us break down the language barrier in the hopes of creating a more accessible publication we would be extremely grateful. All contributors may may choose to maintain full anonymity or have themselves added to our directory of  subcultural adherents. All artistic mediums are accepted, however there are some physical limitations for print publication, and we largely print in black and white to reduce costs, so those things should be noted. Poetry, writing, music history essays, reviews, interviews, political pieces, collages, artwork, photographs and gallery press releases are all examples of the types of artistic variation we aspire towards within this project. Every contributor is given access to the PDF of the most recent issue which they may distribute and sell themselves to offset costs of their printing. With the exception of mutual aid contributions where there is no possibility of profit, each contributor is entitled to an equal share of any profits from Online sales.

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